Vision: Extend the materials needed for creative science learning, to every child in the world.

That's to say:Realize article 28.1 from the Convention for the Rights of Children on the areas of Science. Stimulating the Millennium Development Goals: 2, 3,7 and 8

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Making hands on work simple

All over the world schools are using a wide range of different materials. We show that it's possible to supply the materials needed for a complete experimental curriculum for secundary schools with a minimum of materials.

Based on several ideas from all over the world we are promoting science experiments that are basic for the understanding of the principals of science.

We are a non profit organization so every income is for the benifit of our objectives.

  • Using as much as possible materials that are simply available everywhere in the world.
  • Providing a treasure of ideas for the experiments based on this materials.
  • Making it simple for teachers and students (at home) to order the materials needed for a good preuniversity practical preparation.

 Central values

  • Personal responsibility by practising science discovering creation and it's structure by hands on work.
  • Responsibility towards other people by making materials for others and establishing international contacts.
  • Responsibility towards the environment with a minimum of spill and using non-hazardous chemicals and as few chemicals as possible. Using simple, cheap materials and waste materials when possible.